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About Us


Anderson's Tenement Management offers specialized and professional tenement management and related services to the mining industry for all exploration, mining ventures, land tenure classifications as well as dispute resolutions and native title negotiations.


Established in 2004, ATM has become ingrained in the industry as a reliable trusted advisor and provider of quality services.


Tenements form the backbone of any exploration or mining company and always should be treated with the care and attention they deserve. To this end ATM offer peace of mind through reliable, timely and accurate management of tenure titles.


People at Anderson's Tenement Management are skilled, motivated and creative. We professionally focus on our practice to provide a quality service for our clients to achieve personal, financial, and industry goals of success and good management, building a history in reliable relations with all parties in the complex world of titles, tenements and exploration.


A flexible workplace with supportive roles supply an environment of success in a business that cares for its reputation and so that our clients can return with confidence. ATM is appropriately situated in the market place to advise and negotiate for the most beneficial outcomes for those concerned.


ATM have been involved with national and international corporations in the mining industry within Australia, and particularly WA, gaining a firm history of client satisfaction. The firm's quality assurance systems are built upon continuous improvement and provide a strong platform for the quality of work our people produce.

Anderson's Tenement Management is a member of the Association of Mining and Exploration Companies


Anderson's Tenement Management has been a supporter of the Young Veterans Association in Broome WA since 2021.


In 2022 we assisted them by supporting a Mining Tenement application in the Pilbara and the Heritage Management Processes that came with this. 

We look forward to ongoing support and working with the Young Veterans Assocation of Broome, WA. 

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