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Native Title


Native Title today is a complex and difficult  field of expertise that requires an intimate understanding and working knowledge of the Native Title Act and it’s implications with respect to the various Mining Acts throughout Australia.


To this end ATM can provide piece of mind through reliable, timely and accurate management and advice regarding Native Title and Aboriginal related issues.   


ATM can provide a full range of services in Native Title and related matters including, but not limited to, the issues detailed below.


  • Advice on Native Title matters

  • Assistance with responses to Native Title requirements

  • Assessment of Native Title implications on tenure

  • Statutory and legal compliance

  • Native Title negotiations and management

  • Undertake Heritage Surveys

  • Para-legal advice on agreements

  • Agreement negotiations and management

  • Assistance and advice regarding policies and procedures

  • Provision of NTA advice

  • DMP Quick Appraisals

  • Manage s29 and Expedited Procedures and negotiations

  • Attendance and representation at National Native Title tribunal matters


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