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Tenure Management


Tenements form the backbone of any exploration or mining company and as such they should be treated with the care and attention they deserve.


ATM can provide piece of mind through reliable, timely and accurate management of tenure and all related issues as detailed below.        


  • Tenement management

  • Australia wide knowledge, specialising in WA and the NT

  • Tenement monitoring, applications and acquisitions

  • Statutory and legal compliance

  • Short term personnel replacement

  • Audit functions performed

  • Due diligence, compliant with the Valmin Code

  • QA advice, procedures written

  • Experienced with MapInfo and ArcGIS

  • Computerised management of tenements

  • Digital reports to clients according to their needs

  • A flexible approach to the provision of services

  • All tenure managed via MacKenzie Active Systems

  • Provision of training for MacKenzie Active Systems



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