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Due Diligence


Where clients are looking to,


  • Purchase tenements from a third party,

  • Joint Venture or Farm-In to tenements or,

  • Have royalty interests.


ATM can provide a due diligence report that will detail all relevant data in accordance with the Valmin Code.


ATM has staff that meet the criteria under the VALMIN Code to be considered  “tenement specialists” for the purposes of undertaking a due diligence report in respect of tenure.


Some of the data supplied includes the following.


  • Tenement type, reference name and/or number and area;

  • whether the title has been formally granted;

  • any attached impediments to title such as post granting approvals and permission;

  • whether an application or approval is pending and whether the application is subject to challenges

  • whether the Tenement document has been issued and if it is in the possession of the holder;

  • expiry and renewal dates (These can be provided in an accompanying report);

  • past Tenement expenditure, future expenditure commitments, rents and rates;

  • all Material obligations to Government(s) or to any other person or entity;

  • ownership, including details of co-venturers and their interests;

  • details of any indirect interests such as overriding royalties;

  • details of liabilities, liens and encumbrances, including those relating to reclamation and rehabilitation;

  • in the case of a mining lease, whether or not

  • the Tenement has been subject to a cadastral survey;

  • Native Title considerations;

  • any other Material information.

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