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New Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Bill enters Parliament

The Association of Mining and Exploration Companies (AMEC) says that the Bill introduced to Parliament today will finally provide a long overdue update to existing heritage legislation in Western Australia.

“If enacted, this Bill will bring an end to Section 18 clearance processes and will set a new standard for the protection of cultural heritage in Western Australia,” said Chief Executive of AMEC, Warren Pearce.

“The Bill sets an extremely high standard for engagement and agreement making between our industry and traditional owners.”

“And while it will apply to all industries, the mining and exploration industry will clearly be the one most effected by the changes.”

November 2021

Apply for excess tonnage

Exploration and Prospecting licences have tonnage limits as follows:

  • Exploration Licence - 1000 tonnes

  • Prospecting Licence - 500 tonnes.

When the tonnage limit will be exceeded by the proposed activities, an excess tonnage application must be submitted to the Title Compliance Branch via Mineral Titles Online (MTO). It is the responsibility of the tenement holder to maintain accurate records of tonnage disturbances on a tenement and to know when an excess tonnage application is required. Tenement holders should note that tonnage disturbance accumulates over the life of the tenement, is applied to a tenement as a whole (rather than the area of the tenement where the disturbance actually occurs) and is not reduced or removed as a result of rehabilitation activities, partial tenement surrender or conversion of tenure.

November 2021

South West Native Title Settlement

The Settlement involves around 30,000 Noongar people and covers approximately 200,000 square kilometres of the south-west region.  The agreement resolves native title in the Settlement area while recognising the Noongar people as the traditional owners of the area and establishing a Noongar governance structure to represent the rights and interests of the six Noongar Agreement groups. 

A comprehensive settlement package will provide the Noongar people with sustainable assets and options for developing Noongar interests, including opportunities for the WA Government and other land users to work in partnership with the Noongar people to elevate economic, social and community outcomes.

August 2021

AMEC welcomes major investment in State's approvals system

AMEC welcomes the announcement made today which will see the McGowan Government allocate $120M to the Western Australian project approvals system in the 2021-22 State Budget. The announcement is the single largest investment in approvals in the State’s history.

The announcement marks the delivery of an election commitment to reform the mining approvals process as part of the Streamline WA initiative, designed to reduce red-tape to make it easier to do business in WA by improving industry regulation and regulatory practice.

July 2021